This is our chance, let’s take it!

IMG_3187We are at a critical point in our human history. We all will face the effects of climate change. Natural disasters, an increase in refugees, the health of our people worsening, etc. These issues are big, but not bigger than the potential for our collective action. To me, climate change and the response to it can bring about a better world for all people.

The reason I am riding and organizing action and people on climate is because I still see hope for this world, and I want to tell the world that there is still hope to be found. If we all help each other realize the extent to which our humanity is tied to one another, we can come up with the solutions to all of the world’s problems, and do it together. If we respect each other, listen to one another, and act as one, there is nothing we cannot do.

I believe that part of this process means that we must come together to take action on climate. Now, more than ever, there is bipartisan support growing for action on climate change. We are seeing political parties work across the aisle to help repair a world in need of a tune-up. We are seeing farmers, military vets, environmentalists, sports enthusiasts, people from all walks of life coming together to take collective action. That’s what this is all about. Building community and offering solutions for a better, more livable world for all. There is no better time than now. This is our chance, let’s take it!


A glimpses of the route

On the train to Portland in the last stretch where we are running parallel to our route. Then out the window I see the road we will be on. 

First excitement then curiosity as I try to see how wide is the shoulder? (Looks good) Is there a rumble strip? (Don’t see one) How nice is the pavement? (Looks new) Traffic? (3 cars in the last half hour but it’s early).  
And look at the view. Photos from the train window don’t do it justice. 

But better than the map. 

We’ll be back here in about a week. 

The train ride to Portland

We just stopped in Minot, ND and are back on the way to Portland. Here we are with our lovely conductor, Deborah. Today we will have the fortune of seeing the beautiful landscape in North Dakota and Montana. We expect to arrive in Portland on Thursday morning to start the trek to Seaside. For now, we get to work and enjoy the train ride.