2014 Archive – Day 2 on to Rochester

breakfastAfter a wonderful hearty breakfast of Malt-o-meal and oatmeal and more prepared by our wonderful hosts Bob and Susannah we were on our bikes heading out of Northfield to the countryside toward Rochester.  The day proveddagmar to be a big challenge with a powerful headwind that sometimes turned to a cross-wind.  It challenged all of us physically and mentally.  We persisted through, our spirits lifted regularly by Dagmar’s cheering and sign waving.

About 35 miles into the day we stopped in the shade in frontrobin of a farmhouse for some lunch and shared time together to commiserate on the challenge posed by the wind.  Appetites satisfied and muscles stretched and rested, we set off again to face the wind.  We were surprised to find that the route dropped us into a valley that protected us from much of the wind.  Then we were delighted to turn onto the bike trail that paul trailwas shaded, flat and sheltered from the wind.  It was a wonderful treat after the struggles of the earlier part of the day and we felt we had earned this reward.

Along the trail, Paul T, the persistent perennial promoter of principled participation (the title coined by Jerry) stopped to talk with a couple sitting at a picnic table and invited them to our evening gathering in Rochester.  Much to our delight, Rob and Debbie joined us at the Creative Salon!

debbie and rob

Debbie and Rob recruited from the trail side with Jerry and Paul T

A small gathering tonight.  Thanks to Edward, Rob and Debbie for joining our group and giving us all a chance to get to know each other a bit better through our introductions.

Debbie said, “Kids are spending way too much time in front of screens, they are not outside.  This really concerns me.  I try to teach my kids about respect for the earth and get them outdoors biking and camping.”

Rob told us, “I love to be out camping and in nature.  That’s where I really feel at peace.  I don’t want to see that stuff go away. ”

Rob Gordon said, “When I had kids, I wanted to live a life of integrity and do my best to live in a way in line with my values.  I wanted my kids to have a relationship with the land by getting outside.”

Rob added, “I have a hairbrained idea: What we need is an interstate system for bikes.  It would provide jobs for all the people to build the infrastructure.”  Stops every 20 miles. Showers.  Places to sleep. – as the group chimed in.

Music by Paul Doffing rounded out our evening.  Now for some well-deserved rest.

1 thought on “2014 Archive – Day 2 on to Rochester

  1. dagmar romano

    I am on Low Carbon Crossings withdrawal!! 🙂 Have all you terrific bikers in mind and am hoping for wind at your backs today!!!! Hugs, Dagmar



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