2014 Archive – Day 3 to Winona

Our thanks to Zumbro Lutheran Church for letting us stay the night in their facility – close to our evening presentation and the natural food coop.

Dagmar had to leave us last night, so Paul T. took over the driving today.  We miss you Dagmar!


Rob, Melissa and Robin








After the windy challenges of yesterday, today was a cake walk!  We started with a climb out of Rochester then we had an awesome ride down into the Whitewater River valley.  But as Tom said, “What goes down must go up.”  So up we climbingclimbed out of the Whitewater River valley – the biggest challenge of the day.climbing2


Checking on the weather

Checking on the weather

However, before we climbed out of the Whitewater River valley, we looked at the clouds and weather and determined we might want to take shelter for a while.  Johnny at Johnny’s Salon in Alba welcomed us into the bar with our lunch spread where we watched the rain pour down outside.  Thank you Johnny for your hospitality!johnnys salon

A highlight of the day was the long downhill ride into the Mississippi River valley toward Winona.  Riders reached speeds of 42 – 52 miles per hour!

communityWe gathered this evening at the West Rec Center with locals to learn more about each other and listen to great music from Paul Doffing.

Monta told us, “I love to be on a bicycle.  It makes me feel powerful and intimate with my surroundings.”  All the bikers in the room nodded their heads.

The conversation included idea of greater collaboration between our organizations and groups already in Winona.  Commitments made to continue the conversation and find a date.pt robin

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