Training and Planning and Organizing, Oh My!


Mindy with fellow biker, Bill Barron. Bill is biking and hiking his way around Utah on his non-partisan senatorial campaign. Notice my bike on top the car behind us.

I’ve been on a car road trip for the last three weeks and I’m very happy to be back at the home base.  My bike rode along on top of the car and I was able to take a few training rides along the way – the best of which was a beautiful ride in the hills above Santa Cruz, CA.

This picture can't capture the beauty and hilliness of the ride.

This picture can’t capture the beauty and hilliness of the ride near Santa Cruz.

Since returning home I’ve been on my bike every day – some long training, some short training.  I’m training my body for the physical challenge of being on my bike daily for 11 weeks – building muscle, building stamina, finding the right foods to keep fueled.  The detailed plan for the route is also coming along.  I have my maps from Adventure Cycling that I’m working my way through to plan our stops for each day – balancing mileage, campgrounds or other lodging available, the altitude changes on the route, etc.   Since we’ve taken on a bike journey with a mission of facility community climate solutions conversations, it adds organizing to the mix.  I need to get the stops and dates finalized for the hosting teams in each location to begin planning events and conversations.  I want to give a shout out to our Montana team – especially Kristin and Rita – who are helping me get organized for what our hosting teams need.  Dates and locations are one thing.  Also press releases, route info for those who are considering riding along, poster samples, etc.  Oh, and social media outreach opportunities.


Click image above for more details

And I almost for got to mention fundraising.  Whew!  It’s a lot to be juggling and I couldn’t do it without the help of the team that has stepped up – thanks to Jean, Stan, Brett, Julia, Paul, Robert and others!  There is plenty of opportunity if you want to jump in to help – just let me know.  Click on the route map image to the left for the route overview and a handout to help spread the word.

Riding and planning and organizing…


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