Host a Solidarity ride

Many people have expressed an interest in riding with us but they don’t live near and can’t get to our route. If that’s you, consider creating a “Solidarity Ride” for LowCarbon Crossings. It works like this.:

  1. Get some folks together and go for a bike ride of any length. 
  2. Gather at the end for a conversation on climate solutions. 
  3. Send us a picture and a paragraph description to and we’ll include it in our blog

If you need idea for your climate solution conversation, look for your local CCL chapter on You can also sign up to listen to the weekly introduced call there and get info on the upcoming monthly international call. 

Here’s a sample solidarity sign you could use on your ride. 

If you’d like to match our distance for a particular day you can use our map to get an idea how far we are going. 

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