Days 4 & 5

Not every day stands out on its own. Days 4 and 5 were fairly similar. We traveled Along Highway 14 in Washington state following the Columbia River. We are gifted with many beautiful views of the river gorge.
Yesterday we passed the Bridge of the Gods – the ending point of the Pacific Rim Trail hike in the movie Wild. We also passed the Amtrak on its way into Portland and we both waved madly hoping Deborah (our favorite car attendant) would see us. Oh, and there were the tunnels – 7 in total that were each pretty short, but still had a button to push so that th bike warning sign would flash while we were in the tunnel.

Today continued much the same although we entered the wine region of Washington. Many vinyards along our route. We had a beautiful tail wind to help move us along. Despite the first flat tire (Ryan had to fix 3 holes in the tube), we made good time and got to camp by 6 pm even though this was our longest day yet. Unfortunately my odometer stopped working, so we are relying on an app called Strava that is not always reliable. for today it says 73 miles which seems correct. We also passed the area that we had been watching out the train window on our way to Portland – thinking we’d be back here in a week. here it is a week later and we are back to the road we were looking at with much anticipation. 

I’ve been plenty tired at the end of wach day so sleeping well in my timy tent. Earplugs help block out the trains that pass in the night – we’re following the river and so do they.


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