Mama said there would be days like this

We have had many beautiful days and very little bad weather so far on our trip. Until today. We left our campsite 6 miles East of Lincoln, MT happy that the head wind wasn’t as bad as yesterday evening. A little chilly and cloudy. 12 miles from there to the top of Rogers Pass. It starts snowing lightly and I admire how beautiful it is and remember how I love winter biking in Minnesota. I tell Ryan what a snow geek I am and how happy I am to see it again. Weather continues a little rain, a little more snow. Soon it’s sleeting so we pull over and take shelter in some beautiful pines. Soon the sun is shining and we continue on. Nearing the summit it is snowing big fluffy flakes and our hands and feet are getting wet and the novelty is wearing off. “Let’s get down from this mountain.”  Damp roads means slow going even downhill. We stop at one point to change glove and I make some makeshift mittens with my neoprene socks. We also try plastic bags on our feet to stay a little warmer and dryer. Weather continues to change from clear to rain to sleet to snow. Eventually not precipitating just cloudy. We think we should be on the downhill side to the end of our day, but no. Instead we have rolling hills with plenty of climbing some so steep I have to walk for lack of a low enough gear on my old bike. We are tired and getting cranky. Phones are dead so no more pictures (no service anyway). No place to go but continue on. We arrive in Simms to look for the expected campground. It doesn’t exist. We head into town and find ourselves by the high school where there is a football game. Asking if there is a place to stay we are introduced to Dave the superintendent thinking we could stay in the school. Instead Dave invites us to his house to stay for the night. So this challenging day has ended with the kindness of strangers. Warm and dry and a heater to dry out our socks. Thank you, Dave!

4 thoughts on “Mama said there would be days like this

  1. Laura Lathrop

    Mindy and Ryan, I love the reflections and the weather changes. So inspirational and how best to see the effects of climate change than to be riding “up close and personal” with the effects! May your saddle be soft and the wind at your back!!! Cheering you on in Apple Valley, Laura


  2. Kathy McGinley

    there’s probably a lot about the day you wish had been different but the ending was perfect. I do hope for a good travel day tomorrow, but the good vibes from Simms will carry you a long way. 🙂


    1. Andrea Christianson

      Simms is a lovely community. It is where I first saw the aurora on top a haystack at age 13. A definite wonderous experience. Good people, beautiful land!



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