Tuning up, resting up, getting support 

We got to Sioux Falls (about our half way point) a day earlier than planned because of our opportunity to replan our route to ride the wind and shorten the distance. That gave us an extra rest day.
img_4624Paul joined us on the ride starting in Sioux Falls and brought his Prius and arranged for drivers- Donna to Omaha switching to Anne there. Since we have the car, we took advantage of the temporary support and the opportunity to lighten our loads for the days it is there.

In Omaha we had a rest day which allowed time for the gift of massages to get our bodies tuned img_4020up. Thank you, Alan! I feel like I have a new body and some good tips to continue to loosen up those problem areas. My biggest challenge is numbness in my left hand from tightness in my shoulder. Having found the key trigger points during the massage I can focus on stretching and relaxing that area.

Ryan is taking a few days off to work out some problems with his knee and will rejoin us in Pella. He already did this part when he rode across Iowa on RAGBRAI this summer, so I’m just catching up.

Wind continues to be a big challenge. We had to rely on our support vehicle to get us to our destination again tonight. Making use of the car time to write this blog.

After all this time of having to be more self-reliant, it is a shift to having support readily available. I’m learning to ask for help and appreciate the rest. At the same time carrying everything on my bike is also an exercise in making due with less and taking only what is necessary and saying no to what I don’t really need. Having a car along adds the temptation to have more stuff. It’s quite freeing to live with less so I look forward to when we don’t have the car after Iowa and appreciate the help while I have it.

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