Sharing the load

Today Akeem rode with us and carried two of my panniers on his bike.  It was a great gift to me to be able to share the load and be much lighter going up hills.

sharingWe are now in Pennsylvania and nearing the end of our trip – Just 8 days left.  This journey would not have been possible without the many people who have shared our load.  img_4332 It is impossible to name all the amazing people who have helped us across the country.  The countless people who have fed us, planned a location for a community conversation, spread the word and advertised, to those who have given us directions and helped us find our way and the many who have housed us for a night or more.

Like this bike trip, solutions to climate change take some heavy lifting.  We have a big problem that requires some major shifting of our energy production, our land use, our daily habits, etc.  We are sharing the load with many others to move us forward.  To the brave native peoples (and their allies) who are at Standing Rock and on the Mississippi in Iowa to protect our waters from new fossil fuel infrastructure, to the school superintendent trying to put solar on the school roof, to farmers looking for more sustainable ways of farming and trying new methods, to students moving their schools and communities toward greater sustainability (and the teachers who guide them in exploring new ways), to media reporters telling the story of the changes happening and the solutions being pursued, to countless volunteers and citizens working with their legislators and local governments on policy to address carbon emissions – we have met all of these along our trip and we are all sharing the load.  We need more help, so invite your friends to join in.  As one of our hosts kept telling us “we’re all in this together.” By sharing the load we can get the job done.


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