Day 1 – Big Lake to St. Joseph

Day 1- Train, Trails and A Little Rain in St Joseph

On the road and it feels good to be pedaling…47.9

miles from 4244 Crocker Ave to St Joseph and the home of Jeny and Mike Meyer.

Met Michael Orange our LCC partner for the first 4 days and his wife Cynthia at the Northstar station near Target Field (photo 2). The train was nearly empty and we zoomed to Big Lake in a jiffy (with Wi-Fi for some last minute Little Falls connections and B-day invites to old friends.

High fives all around and we jumped on our heavily laddened bikes, first turn went the wrong direction as we snaked thru Big Lake neighborhoods. Thinking we’d be on highways all day we were pleasantly surprised to find gorgeous shoulders (8 feet wide and clean) and MRT signs (Mississippi River Trail) guiding us thru Monticello, Clearwater (Lunch at the Park) as we kept dodging the dark storm clouds all the way to St Cloud.

Fast forward to St Joes in the rain, checked in at the Minnesota Street Market (coop) and site for the evening Climate Conversation and a quick shower and clean up at the Meyers (met the wholw family, Max the runner, Jossie 9th grade Ultimate player and Tyler Jonnie and form Wind Chill player, the the pro Ultimate Team in MN….we were with the right family.

Michael got a flat in the rain, Jeny picked him up and brought him home…unparaelled service for sure and the start to a great evening with over 20 area residents including Susie Osaka- Holm from the SC CCL group and our travelling partner to DC for June’s CCL National Gig

Time to leave for Alexandria, photos to follow….bring on the Lake Wobegon Trail and 2 days with no cars…Jeanne Johnson here we come.

  • Paul Thompson


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