On the Central Lakes Trail plus a Flat Adventure

Presentation at the Public Library in Alexandria with 11 people most already engaged with CCbut some newer people had some good ideas on other groups to reach out to in the community. They were particularly interested in Mindy’s cross country tour last year. Wishing Alex growth and lots of continued success and great thanks to Jeanne Johnson and Judy Rose and their 8 years on committed action.

Before the Climate Conversation Ken and Jeane Howell hosted a wonderful potluck to welcome the weary riders with showers, good food and cold beverages, much appreciated.

Monday and a different kind of work week begins. Another gorgeous day on the Central Lakes Trail about 50 miles after a sweet good bye with Ken and Jeane at their lake home outside of “Alex” Jeane rode with us for 10 miles to Garfield MN and headed home. The trail followed I-94 off and on then would dive into the beautiful green of sumacs and forest another this rail to trail pathway.

During one of our breaks Paul’s rear tire decided it had had enough and popped…many hands went to work….long story short….changed flat, rode to Ashby met Cynthia, Michael’s wife and they took Paul’s bike to Fergus for brand new tires (they were needed) while Paul and Mindy continued, Paul, on Michael’s bike….thanks partner.

We arrived at Delagoon Park at 4:15 and met Samantha and Nick natives of Fergus Falls for a rousing Frisbee game, tour of the town including the World’s largest Otter the symbol of Fergus Falls, see photo.

Off to meet a welcoming team at Union Pizza and brewery before our presentation at the local YMCA which was the best yet with the addition of Michael and Cynthia playing guitar and singing their favorite songs, photos.

Again the Climate Conversation brought together a number of different folks from the community including employees of Ottertail Power the local utility, a young woman who wants to convert her family farm (6 generations) to more sustainable techniques, and a lot of members of local groups working to make Fergus Falls a more likable, friendly and sustainable place to live.

The highlife of the evening was 8 year old Gus’ letter to member of Congress Colin Peterson paraphrased here: Please work to protect our climate and make more bike lanes.


Thanks Gus, we are all in this together and young people like you help to inspire us to be the best citizens we can be.

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