Cross-Country Ride 2016

IMG_1991 (1)Overview:

August 27 to November 12, 2016, Mindy Ahler and Ryan Hall traveled nearly 4000 miles by bicycle across the United States and engaged in community conversations on climate solutions along the way. This “LowCarbon Crossing” began in Seaside, OR, and ended in Washington, D.C.  The goal was to motivate people to take action in a way that inspires them, gather their experiences and concerns about climate change, raise funds for Cool Planet ( and Citizens’ Climate Lobby (, demonstrate bicycling as a fun, low-carbon way to travel and end with lobbying in D.C. to share the experience with legislators. Through blogging, video interviews and social media, they shared the journey and the voices of communities they visited with all who wished to follow along online and in person.

Please read our case statement for why and how we did this ride.

View the blog from our cross country journey.

A 12 minute video of Mindy talking about the ride at St. Joan of Arc Catholic Community

Here is a map of most of our stops along the way to give a good overview of the ride.  Some changed slightly along the way and the exact route did not exactly match this map.