Meet the Riders

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMindy Ahler of Edina, MN is Co-Director of Cool Planet, creating neighborhood fun and action for our planet.  She is also a regional coordinator for Citizens’ Climate Lobby, creating the political will for a livable world.  Mindy is an avid bike commuter and long-distance rider. She has ridden over 10,000 miles on her bike and craves opportunities for long rides that combine her passion for climate change education with her passion for pedal power. Mindy’s concern for the climate stems from her social justice background and involvement with people around the world.  This fall she will be biking across the country on a LowCarbon Crossing.

Jerry Yanz, a semi-retired audiologist from North Oaks, MN, is a long-timephoto touring cyclist, outdoorsman and member of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby. At the Chicago meeting of the Climate Reality Leadership Corps in summer, 2013, he realized the compelling convergence between efforts to curb carbon emissions and to encourage a healthy, fun and carbon-neutral way to see the world. LowCarbon Crossings arose from that inspiration.

paul D2Paul Doffing is a guitarist and folk singer who has been touring the US by bicycle since 2012 on his Freedom From Fuel Tour. Presently Paul has pedaled over 8,000 miles (twice across the the US) advocating a mindset of sustainability and reduced dependence on fossil fuels.  Paul lives in Ames, IA.



Local Winona family, Rob, Melissa and Robin Gordon, will be joining the gordonsride from Minneapolis to Winona. Rob is a computer programmer and teaches at Saint Mary’s University and Melissa is an academic staff member at Saint Mary’s University. Rob and Melissa have biked many miles together on their tandem, including to their wedding and around Ireland for their honeymoon. Robin is a novice crawler and enjoys putting various objects in her mouth. At nine months old, this will be her first major bike trip.

PatriciaPatricia Neal of Minneapolis is engaged with many groups working to help people see and value the interconnectedness of all things and inspire actions that shift policies, laws and norms to support sustainability and environmental and economic justice for a world in which future generations can thrive. Cool Planet offers positive, active ways to participate at the local level for a global conversation.

tom and collin

Tom with son Collin (who designed our jersey)

Tom McSteen is from Minneapolis.  This ride matches two of my passions — biking and raising awareness about climate change.  I am looking forward to making lasting connections in each community — as well as riding across beautiful Southeastern Minnesota!

Paul Thompson lives in Edina.  Paul TFor me, biking is a symbol for the transition to sustainable living. It’s the future that humans must adopt to calm our ‘out of control’ climate of today.  When an idea’s time as come, it’s time to listen carefully….and take the actions needed. I love the challenge and teamwork of our LowCarbon Crossings bikers.