Announcing the LowCarbon Crossings Cross-Country Adventure

Plans are still coming together, but the commitment has been made.  I will embark on a LowCarbon Crossings cross-country adventure in late August 2016 starting on the coast of Oregon and ending in mid November in Washington, DC.  The route will follow the Lewis & Clark trail from Oregon to Council Bluffs, IA then cut across Iowa and meet up with the Northern Tier route in Muscatine, IA to Erie, PA where I will drop down to Pittsburg, PA and then follow the bike trails to Washington, DC.  At least that’s the basic plan.

LCC Mindy and Mom

Me and my mom before setting off on the Labor Day 2015 LowCarbon Crossing

Along the way I will be participating in community conversations on climate solutions.  And this is the most important part of the journey.  Traveling in a low-carbon way by bicycle is fun and exciting, but the real impact is in communities across the country where I will learn about the concerns of local residents and what they are already doing.  We will talk about hope and possibilities and build the conversation across the country.  I’m sure what I learn in early weeks will be part of the conversation in later weeks and all will be part of the conversations as I meet with legislators in Washington, DC at the end of my journey.

As I said, planning is just beginning and to make this happen I will need a lot of help!  There are opportunities for folks to arrange community conversations in locations I will visit, help with social media and publicity of the journey, ride along for a portion of the journey (I’m still open to a partner if anyone feels called to join me for 11-12 weeks), contribute financially, cheer me on, send me care packages and more.  Watch for an update here soon when I set the date and time for our first organizing conference call for volunteers who want to help with any part of the work.

1 thought on “Announcing the LowCarbon Crossings Cross-Country Adventure

  1. Tamara Staton

    This is VERY exciting Mindy, I’m very proud of and excited for you..and for US! What a great idea! We’re in Portland and happy host you if you need a place still, and can help otherwise as I have time! Would love to bike a bit with you, too…not sure how much or how far, as a working mama it’s hard to getaway, but maybe a short stint somehow!



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