Calling on our friends

Push on through or call for a ride? There will be times when we don’t have an option but today we do. We are cold and wet. Can’t feel our toes even with toe warmers. Have cell service. In an easy place to find us. Red and white striped old abandoned house by the freeway exit. We can look for better equipment in Miles City. As we talked about what to do I knew what my mother would tell me to do. We made the call. Disappointed in myself because I had to give up. A little embarrassed, but that never killed anybody. But know it was a good decision. Dave, Pat and Daniel arrived with a big white van to bring us into town. Now we are again warm and dry while our wet clothes are hanging up and in front of heaters. Grateful to Pat for giving us a warm dry place to sleep tonight. Forecast for the next few days is 70 to 80 and sunny. Back to worrying about sunburn instead.



PS We got to see Dave again (right) today when our hosts (Pat on the left) met his family at Wendy’s for lunch.  Thanks again to our rescuers!

2 thoughts on “Calling on our friends

  1. Jim Ahler

    I’m sure you thought of this, but anyway. … You can always go back to where they picked you up. Thus you’ve still ridden the entire way, even tho there was a break. Nothing to be embarrassed about. You’re still doing something the candy-a##es with the following caravans haven’t done. Way to go! I’m still proud as hell of what you’re doing.


  2. Brett Cease

    Times and decisions like this are what define such long-distance adventures–relying on the support and love of your community was the rational thing to do, even in the spirit of a purist 🙂 Whenever things like this happen to me I always take solace in knowing that even Eric Sevareid and Walt Port in Canoeing With the Cree ended up short-cutting their way up Lake Winnipeg for the sake of the larger travel plan after getting wind bound for days on end. Keep up the forward momentum and may the tail winds continue to be at your backs as you round the corner in North Dakota! You’re inspiring a nation of followers my friends!

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